2017 Australian Van Nationals at Port Fairy


The 2017 Australian Van Nationals Show ‘n Shine were held at Port Fairy at Easter. As He Who Eats All of Leftovers and I were passing through town on Easter Sunday, we decided to stop and have a look.

NRMA Service van ‘Before’ and ‘After’ below.

Everybody loves Scooby Doo and The Mystery Machine.


There was an array of iconic Holden Sandmans, Escorts, Bedfords, Ford Sundowners, Holden EH’s…


Quite a few entrants presented their vehicles with a theme for the Show ‘n Shine.

Come inside….

Quite a few of the vans had amazing artwork. The car below had a movie theme.


Before we arrived at Port Fairy, He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers was telling me about a radio bumper sticker competition held during his childhood where the prizes were Bedford vans – the Freedom Machine and the Easy Roller. We looked everywhere for them hoping they would be there, but sadly they were not.

Hopefully they will turn up again in the future.






Chryslers by the Bay 2017


Chryslers by the Bay is an annual show held at Geelong Grammar School every March.

Prince Charles attended school at Geelong Grammar while he was in the Colonies. I doubt he ever spent a Saturday night in a Drifter panel van sneaking into the drive-in, but you never know.

The show is open to Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, Desoto, Valiant, AMC powered or bodied vehicles.


The colour-change paint on the vehicle below looked different from every angle.

The bright colours of the muscle cars really stood out against the lush, green grass on the oval.

There was a time in Australia when every young man needed a fox tail hanging from his car’s antenna to have credibility with his mates.



The day was a fundraiser for The Cottage by the Sea at Queenscliff.


Northern Gal’s Saturday Night Fever


Northern Gal puts on a regular Saturday evening car show for chrome bumpers, muscle cars and classics. We attended recently for the first time, and saw plenty of new-to-us cars.

Someone told me that the owner of the car in the photos above usually hangs an alligator off the number plate.

The day of the car show was a beautiful spring day, and the early evening was lovely too, until the sun went down and the night air got cold. If we go again, I’m bringing a coat!

There was a little of everything, but not many hot rods.

There were loads of muscle cars. I have to admit, I’ve got a soft spot for a Torana.

Loved the Firebird.

north 8.jpg

Rockabilly Rats, Tatts n’ Pin-Ups Sandown

Sandown 3

The most recent Rockabilly Rats, Tatts n’ Pin-Ups Day by Kingpin Kuztums was at the Sandown Hotel on the last weekend of winter. These days are getting bigger and bigger. Hot rods, customs, drag cars, bikes, bands, carnival rides, there was something happening everywhere you looked.

He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers had already heard about the Customline in the photo below, so was keen to check it out.

Sandown 1 Cusso

The bands were fantastic, I loved seeing A Band Called Twang, The Strays, Tijuana Surf and Pat Capocci. There were two band rooms, with appreciative crowds in both.


Even Big Bad Wolves like ice-cream.

Can’t wait for the next Rockabilly Rats, Tatts n’ Pin-Ups.


Rockabilly Rats, Tatts n’ Pin-ups Corio

Corio 11

Kingpin Kustoms have been putting on some great car shows this winter, Rats, Tatts n’ Pin-Ups, with rockabilly bands, bikes, carnival rides and stalls at pubs all over Melbourne. Recently, He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers, Miss S and I went to one at the Gateway Hotel at Corio.

Corio 10

We ate at the smorgasbord at The Gateway and had a good meal. Dad always calls smorgasbords ‘the walkaround’ and my brother-in-law calls them ‘troughs,’ but we like the variety of foods available. The desserts at The Gateway were particularly good.

We saw The Strays and The Detonators perform. Both bands always put on a good show. The Strays love their Stray Cats music and as for The Detonators, Hot Rod Tip Truck is a crowd favourite. There were other bands too, but unfortunately we didn’t see them, too much else going on.

There are a few more Rats, Tatts n’ Pin-Ups days to come, looking forward to them, especially now the weather is getting better. For a gold coin donation to charity, these are a great day out.

GreazeFest Melbourne 2016

grease 2

GreazeFest is a Kustom Kulture weekend held every August in Brisbane, with hotrods and customs on display, rockabilly bands, djs, markets, pinstripers, a kustom culture art show, pin-ups and loads of people who cool people who like to see and be seen. (Attending these events always makes me wonder if I’m the last woman left on earth with the hair colour I was born with and who doesn’t have a tattoo, but that is another story).

grease 11

Happily for those of us in Melbourne, a few years ago the organisers decided to bring the event here. It is held at Sandown Racecourse, which has a massive area for the stage, dancefloor, lounge and markets, as well as a big under-cover area for more stalls and a big, grassy area for the show and shine. Melbourne in August can be cold, wet, windy and miserable, so Sandown, which has a  huge indoor area, is a great venue. GreazeFest in Melbourne on Saturday was mild and Sunday was sunny, so the Greazers this year were blessed.

grease 7

There are bands Friday night at the LuWow ( otherwise known as the coolest venue in Melbourne), a hotrod show Saturday and Sunday, and bands all day and night Saturday and Sunday. There are a mixture of local and interstate bands and a few international headline acts.

He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers and I have previously attended the Greazer in Brisbane and really enjoyed the event there. The difference is that GreazeFest in Brisbane is warm and sunny, with the women who rock the kustom culture look, wearing sundresses and carrying parasols, while in Melbourne, men rug up in tartan fleecy jackets, turned up jeans and work boots, and women wear a thick coat over their outfits which is only taken off while dancing.

I loved Melbourne band, ‘Hank’s Jalopy Demons’ and a Queensland band I hadn’t heard before, ‘A Band Called Twang,’ but out of all the bands that play, it is hard to pick a favourite. As long as there is a slap bass, I’m happy.

grease 6

The FJ in the photo above is heavily customised.

grease 8

Above, low and pin-striped.

grease 12




Bumpers by the Bay at Williamstown

The FJ FX Club recently held a car show called Bumpers by the Bay, at Sea Works at Williamstown, Melbourne. ‘Bumpers’ refers to the chrome bumper bars on the cars.

We’ve been to quite a few car shows in this location, and always enjoy them. Although Sea Works is right on the bay, with great views of the Bay, the city of Melbourne, Williamstown and the surrounding marinas, (I’ll blog photos of the area without cars next week). The area is quite sheltered, with plenty of indoor display areas too.



He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers got very excited when he saw the Starsky & Hutch car, (below). Around 1000 Gran Torinos were produced to commemorate the television show in the 1970’s.


If you look really carefully through the masts behind the car below, you can see the West Gate Bridge.


There are working shipyards in the area and plenty of seagulls.

I like the bare-metal look below, and the licence plates added great contrasting colour to the interior.


Mum tells a story about falling out of a Willys with suicide doors when she was a little girl, but I bet the Willys she fell out of didn’t look like this one.


Flat black with red rims is a classic look.


Kustom Nationals at Phillip Island


The Kustom Nationals and Rockabilly festival is held annually at Phillip Island, Melbourne in early January. It is a car event for modified vehicles, pre 1966. The day events are held at the Grand Prix track, with entered cars able to cruise the track.

Bands play down the street in the evening, and with the area closed off to traffic there is a party atmosphere with locals, holiday makers and entrants alike checking out the cars, listening to the music and dancing.








National Motor Museum at Birdwood, South Australia


Honey-Bunny and our favourite son in law recently took He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers to the National Motor Museum at Birdwood, at Birdwood in South Australia. Three hours later He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers was still really enjoying his look around, while Honey-Bunny’s enthusiasm had flagged.


The museum contains over 400 cars, hot rods, motor bikes, commercial vehicles, old caravans and much more.


The ute below was a favourite with all of us. The story of the ute is that back in the 1930’s, a farmer’s wife asked for a vehicle that they could drive to church on Sunday and transport pigs to market on a Monday. Following this request, Ford’s designer, Lew Bandt, designed the coupe utility.


The car below used to be used for Telecom ads (now Telstra). According to the blurb, the phone actually works.


A Chevrolet. I have enough trouble parking a modern car, so parking a big, old Chev in a supermarket car park is the stuff of my nightmares.


The car below is a Goggomobil. I believe the model below is the Dart. Everyone my age in Australia will remember the television ad for the Yellow Pages starring the bloke with the Scottish accent, desperately phoning around trying to find a part for his Goggomobil. We all repeated, “Gee Oh, Gee Gee Oh,” and, “Not the Dart, they always think it’s the Dart” then laughed our heads off.


Loads of bikes.



Affectionately known as ‘The Val.’


The teardrop camper had bunks at the front and a dinette at the back with a kitchen and cupboards through the middle.


Honey-Bunny had a red Porsche peddle car which she tooled around in she was little, much like the model below.


I sat on my own in the back seat at the drive-in, waiting for He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers to come back from the Diner with a milkshake.


Everyone loves a Monaro. Especially me.


Chryslers by the Bay, Geelong

chrysler 1

Chryslers by the Bay was held a few weeks ago at Geelong Grammar School on Corio Bay, in Victoria. There was a good turn out, the day was lovey and the playing fields and grounds of the school have to be seen to be believed.

chrysler 4

It was a perfect day for a picnic.

chrysler 2

Love the Bat-Mobile!

chrysler 6

There was a selection of the new and the old and everything in between.

chrysler 8

chrysler 7

chrysler 3