Coconut Ice


It’s nearly Christmas! That means it is time to make Coconut Ice! Yay!

2 Cups icing sugar

3 Cups dessicated coconut

1tspn vanilla essence

395gm tin sweetened condensed milk

red food colouring

Mix the sifted icing sugar, coconut and vanilla essence together, then stir in the sweetened condensed milk.

Press half of the mixture into a lined tin (I used a square cake tin).  Colour the remaining half of the mixture using the food colouring and mix well. Don’t get the food colouring on your hands or you will look as if you frequent B&S Balls.*

Press the pink half of the mixture on top of the white half. I used a sheet of baking paper and a glass to roll the mixture flat.

Refrigerate overnight then cut into squares.

*Bachelor and Spinsters Balls, usually held in country towns. These days B&S balls are held in remote areas where the attendees either frock up or wear a suit, drink until they are sick and throw food colouring at each other. I don’t understand the attraction, but loads of people apparently do.