Wangnoo Slice (Wanganui Slice?)

Wangnoo Slice (No Bake)

Wangnoo Slice is the first recipe from my project to make every recipe from the Magnificently Simple Marvellous Slice Recipes book.  I’ll give you fair warning straight away though, this slice is delicious. If you (like me) can eat sweetened condensed milk straight out of the tin, Wangnoo Slice could even be described as dangerous.

After some research (I love Google), I’ve come to believe that the name of Wangnoo Slice was mis-spelled in my recipe book by the person who submitted the recipe (name unknown), as I found similar recipes from New Zealand called ‘Wanganui Slice’.

The original recipe uses Copha (a vegetable fat shortening made from hydrogenated cocolnut oil), but as I don’t like Copha’s waxy texture, I’ve adapted the recipe using chocolate to suit my taste. I have put the recipe for the original base using Copha at the bottom of the post, because using Copha, icing sugar and cocoa is a cheaper option than chocolate if you are on a budget.

The Magnificently Simple Marvelous Slice recipe book is from an age where the author assumes you know what you are doing in the kitchen, so they don’t always give you a method to follow. When this recipe got to the part about icing the slice, the only direction given was “ice with chocolate icing.”

I’ve included the chocolate icing recipe I used, which is adapted from an even older cookbook, The P.W.M.U. Cookery Book from 1904.

Wangnoo Slice


4 Cups crushed cornflakes

200 gm milk chocolate

1/2 Cup coconut

Mix the melted chocolate into the cornflakes and coconut, and then press half the mixture using a metal spoon into a lined slice tray and refrigerate. (BTW, he who eats all of our leftovers made this slice tray for me about 20 years ago, and it has seen a lot of service in that time).

Wangnoo Slice base


200gm sweetened condensed milk

2 Tblsns golden syrup

85gm butter

1/4 Cup brown sugar

1 tspn vanilla extract

Place all ingredients into a saucepan and stir over a low heat until the mixture thickens.

Making Caramel Wangnoo Slice

Spread the caramel mixture over the base, then spread the remainder of the cornflake mixture over the top and press down to make a flat surface. Refrigerate before icing.


1 Cup icing sugar

1 Tblspn cocoa

1 and a half Tblspns water

Place all ingredients into a saucepan and stir until warm. Pour over the slice then refrigerate until set, before cutting into squares.

Original Base using Copha (can be used instead of the Base recipe above)

4 Cups crushed cornflakes

1 Cup icing sugar

125gm Copha

1/2 C coconut

2 Tblsons cocoa

Melt copha and mix with dry ingredients before spreading half of the mixture into a lined slice tin.