Northern Gal’s Saturday Night Fever


Northern Gal puts on a regular Saturday evening car show for chrome bumpers, muscle cars and classics. We attended recently for the first time, and saw plenty of new-to-us cars.

Someone told me that the owner of the car in the photos above usually hangs an alligator off the number plate.

The day of the car show was a beautiful spring day, and the early evening was lovely too, until the sun went down and the night air got cold. If we go again, I’m bringing a coat!

There was a little of everything, but not many hot rods.

There were loads of muscle cars. I have to admit, I’ve got a soft spot for a Torana.

Loved the Firebird.

north 8.jpg

Bell’s Beach Victoria

Bells 2.jpg

Bells 4.jpg


We went for a drive down to Bell’s Beach a few days after a news story broke about a surfer who was knocked off his board by a shark at the same beach on the Great Ocean Road.*

I don’t know how many surfers are usually there on a Saturday morning in early spring, but there were around fifty people in the water when I counted, and none of them seemed to be watching out for sharks.

Bells 3.jpg

*Just read that sentence back, and realised it sounds as if we went to the beach in the hopes of seeing a shark eat someone. Not true. We read the story in the paper after we went to the beach.



The Doggies Won!


Miss G’s Western Bulldogs have won the AFL Grand Final, after 62 years!

As Miss G lives in a place where Doggies supporters are in the minority, I stepped out of my front door and took a few photos around the neighbourhood to show her how her fellow Doggies fans in my area are celebrating the first win since 1954.

Go Doggies!