Lemon Tarts


Most of this recipe is prepared in the microwave.

Two 275gm packets of frozen sweet pastry tart cases, (I love pastry, but life is far too short to make it from scratch).
60gm butter
1/2 Cup caster sugar
1/4 Cup cornflour
1 Tablespoon custard powder
1 Cup water
1/4 Cup lemon juice
1/3 Cup milk
1 egg
1 Tablespoon lemon rind

Bake the tart cases according to the instructions on the packet.

Melt the butter in the microwave. Whisk in the sugar, cornflour and custard powder until smooth. Cook in the microwave on high for 40 seconds.

Whisk in the water. Cook in the microwave for another 40 seconds. Whick in the lemon juice and cook on high for one minute. Whisk again and cook for another minute and keep repeating until the mixture thickens slightly (I only had to do this twice).

Whisk in the milk, egg and lemon rind, then cook on high for another 40 seconds.

Pour the mixture in the pastry cases and set for 30 minutes.

Nutella Mug Cake

nutella mug

Okay, okay, I know the Nutella Mug Cake looks atrocious in this photo. Believe it or not, it looks even more atrocious in real life.

The smell and taste of this cake is sensational though. Nutella Mug Cake is gooey in the middle and so rich, I could hardly finish mine. Best of all though, there are only four ingredients, and it only takes about a minute to mix up. A couple of minutes in the microwave and your chocolate cravings are satisfied.

This recipe makes four servings. Don’t be piggy and overfill the mugs or you will be cleaning up the overflow from the microwave. (Don’t ask me how I know this).

1/2 Cup Plain flour

1/2 Cup Nutella

6 Tablespoons milk

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

Mix everything together until smooth, then divide into four ramekins or microwave proof mugs. Cook each separately in 30 second bursts on high, checking with a toothpick to see if the cakes are cooked.

Cool slightly before eating.


Five Minute Chocolate Cake in microwave


I have to admit, I don’t usually make cake recipes that use oil, because I always think I can taste the oil, which puts me off the cake.

However, this is a good, plain recipe perfect for when you need a hot, chocolate dessert in a hurry, which only requires staple ingredients from the pantry.

Not surprisingly, He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers likes this a lot.

1/2 Cup plain flour
1/2 Cup sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 egg
1/4 Cup milk
1/4 Cup cooking oil
1 tspn vanilla extract

Sift the flour and cocoa into a bowl and stir in the sugar.

Whisk the egg, milk, vanilla and cooking oil together and stir in to the dry ingredients. Pour the mixture into four ramekins or microwave coffee cups and cook separately for three minutes on high. Serve hot with cream.

Baked Alaska


Baked Alaska is Honey-Bunny’s favourite. Miss S likes this a lot too. So does He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers.

Sponge Cake. Buy a double packet from the supermarket, then you can have Baked Alaska twice.

Jam, any flavour. Again, just buy the jam from the supermarket. Raspberry is nice.

Ice cream. Any flavour. You know where to get ice cream from.

Two egg whites.

1/2 Cup white sugar

Scoop the insides out of the cake to make a shell, then spread jam around the cake. Pile the shell up with ice cream then put it in the freezer while you make the meringue.

Turn the oven on to as hot as it will go.

Beat the egg whites, then pour in the sugar bit by bit until the mixture is thick and shiny. Place the sponge onto a baking tray using baking paper, then spread the mixture all over the ice cream and sponge, including down the sides.

Bake In the oven for about four minutes, until the meringue starts to brown. Watch the Baked Alaska with an eagle eye, because if you leave it for too long the ice cream will melt all over the baking tray. Serve straight away.


Far Breton

far 2

I recently read A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson, in which the main character ate a French dessert called a Far Breton. This character remembered the dessert years after eating it, comparing it favourably to a Plum Duff. This led me to Google the recipe, buy prunes (which were the only ingredient I didn’t already have in the pantry) and make the recipe as soon as I could.

I’ll make a Plum Duff sometime soon, to compare.

1/2 Cup prunes

1/2 Cup plain flour

1/4 Cup white sugar

pinch salt

2 eggs

1 1/1 Cups milk

1/2 Tablespoon sugar extra

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

The recipe also had a tablespoon of rum, but since I didn’t have any, I left the rum out. The smell of rum reminds me of disinfectant, but if you like rum, go for it.

Place the prunes in a small saucepan, cover with water and simmer for ten minutes. Drain them and arrange on the bottom of a greased, shallow baking dish.


Mix the flour, sugar, vanilla, baking powder and salt together, whisk in the beaten eggs one at a time, then mix in the rum and the milk.

Pour the mixture over the prunes, bake at 230 degrees Celsius for ten minutes, then bake for another 25 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.


Key Lime Pie

key 2


I was sent a postcard from Florida nearly thirty years ago with this recipe for Key Lime Pie by a friend who knew I would much prefer a recipe on a postcard to a postcard of an alligator.

I’ve made the recipe many times, sometimes with lemons and sometimes with limes.

1 tin (400gm) sweetened condensed milk

1/2 Cup lime juice

1 Cup sour cream

1 Tblspn grated lime rind

green food colouring (about two drops should be enough)

250ml whipped cream

250 grams plain sweet biscuits, (as always, I prefer Arnotts Marie biscuits)

150 grams melted butter

Crush the biscuits. I’ve finally worked out the best way to do this and it involves a plastic bag with a seal and a rolling pin.


Mix the butter into a bowl with the crushed biscuits, then press into a pie tin and refrigerate.

key 3

Stir the sweetened condensed milk and lime juice together. Fold in the sour cream, lime rind and food colouring.

Pour into the pie crust and refrigerate. Serve with whipped cream.



Chocolate Mousse


Hooray! Miss S is doing cooking classes at school! To date, He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers and I have taste-tested cupcakes, muesli bars, chocolate brownies, lemon slice and best of all, this chocolate mousse. (I feel confident that when Miss S goes out into the big wide world that she will be able to make afternoon teas and desserts, at any rate).

My previous go-to recipe for Chocolate Mousse was the Australian Women’s Weekly Chocolate Mousse, which is good, but Miss S’s Chocolate Mousse is better.

300gm dark chocolate, chopped (I used Cadbury Baking Milk Chocolate and had no complaints)

3 eggs

1/4 Cup caster sugar

1 tablespoon cocoa

300ml thickened cream, whipped

Place the chocolate in a saucepan over another pan filled with simmering water and stir until melted. Set the chocolate aside to cool.

Beat the eggs and caster sugar until thick and frothy. Fold in the cooled chocolate and cocoa.

Fold in the whipped cream. Refrigerate for approximately an hour.


Crunchie Ice Cream Slice

crunchie 2

This is my sister E’s recipe.

I went to the supermarket this morning to buy the ingredients for the slice, gave the recipe to someone I knew at the supermarket, then came home and made it. Yum.

I believe this recipe is supposed to serve about 12 people, but the three of us polished this off in two sittings.

1/2 packet Malt biscuits
300gm thickened cream
200gm sweetened condensed milk
100gm of crunched up Crunchies (don’t use cheap chocolate honeycomb, as the chocolate has a waxy texture when it is frozen).

Line a slice tray with biscuits.

crunchie 3

Whip the cream, then beat in the sweetened condensed milk.

Crunch up the chocolate honeycomb. I put them inside three plastic bags, then wrapped them in newspaper, then whacked the honeycomb with the rolling pin, (this is very satisfying).


Mix the honeycomb (except for a couple of tablespoons) into the cream mixture and spread over the biscuits. Top with the remaining honeycomb and refrigerate.

I’ve promised Miss S that next time we will make this with Peppermint Aero chocolate, and the time after that with Maltesers. I’m even planning a Christmas Rocky Road version with glace cherries, flaked chocolate and marshmallows.


Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake


150gm butter

300gm dark chocolate (I like Nestle dark chocolate melts)

3 eggs

1 Cup caster sugar

1 1/2 Cups plain flour

1/4 Cup sour cream

250gm cream cheese

Melt butter and chocolate in a saucepan, (make sure you lick the bowl – the scrape-outs are the best part about cooking).

brownie 2

Whisk two of the eggs. Add the whisked eggs and 2/3 Cup caster sugar to the melted chocolate and butter and stir together.

Add the flour and sour cream to the chocolate mixture and stir in.

In a separate bowl, beat the cream cheese and the remaining 1/3 Cup sugar together. Add the egg and beat until just combined.

Grease and line a square tin with baking paper (my old friend) and spoon the chocolate mixture into the tin in blobs. Spoon the cream cheese mix in around the chocolate and use a knife or skewer to swirl it around. I tried for a marble effect but didn’t quite pull it off.

Bake for 55 minutes at 165 degrees Celsius. Cool in the tin.




Flummery Pie


Mum used to make Flummery when we were small, but I haven’t eaten it for over thirty years. I’m not sure why it went out of fashion at our house, but there must have been a reason. Mum set the Flummery straight into a bowl and scooped it out into our dessert bowls like a mousse.

I don’t think the pie base in this recipe was well suited to the Flummery, but I’m having trouble thinking of what base would be nice! I’m not great at pastry and don’t think a shortbread base would go well either. Maybe Flummery is best without a base, although I do think a hard chocolate topping would be fantastic with lime Flummery, criss-crossed over the top.

25 gm butter

2 Tblspns golden syrup

125 gm Corn Flakes

120gm milk chocolate

85 gm packet of jelly crystals (I used lime, but use whatever you like).

210 ml boiling water

220 ml evaporated milk

Melt the butter, golden syrup and chocolate together, then mix in with the Corn Flakes. Press into a greased pie dish and refrigerate.


Mix up the jelly with the boiling water, then beat the evaporated milk until it is thick and frothy. Mix the jelly mixture into the evaporated milk, then pour the lot over the pie base. Refrigerate for several hours before serving.