Paris My Sweet by Amy Thomas


Paris My Sweet is Amy Thomas’ story of living in Paris, where she was able to indulge her love of everything French. Dark chocolate, bonbons, Nutella Crepes, macarons, pain au chocolate, croissants, carrot salted-caramel cupcakes, baba au rhum, (personally, I think rum smells like the stuff that is used to wash hospital floors, but I would eat baba au rhum), madeleines, truffles, tarts, even le cookie au chocolat. I don’t speak French, but that sounds to me like chocolate biscuits.

Amy was working at an advertising agency in New York and writing a successful blog, Sweet Freak, when she was offered the opportunity to travel to Paris to work on the Louis Vuitton advertising account. Obviously, Amy jumped at the chance.

The stories of Amy’s food discoveries in Paris and in New York are wound around stories of her life in both cities. Even though Amy was delighted with the opportunity to live in Paris, she missed her friends and family desperately and had a hard time making friends with French people. Thankfully by the end of the book, Amy had a circle of friends in Paris, although they were mostly fellow ex-pats.

My only complaint about the book is that there were no pictures of the food, particularly of Pierre Hermes’ individuel cakes. I don’t believe Amy’s Sweet Freak blog is still active, however I’ve checked it out, and the pictures of her favourite cakes, pastries and other sweet treats are to die for. I swear, I put on three kilos reading Paris My Sweet.

I firmly believe Melbourne needs a similar book and I’m willing to do the research. Somebody has to do it and considering my fondness for cake, biscuits, pastries, cupcakes and other foods containing sugar, I believe I will be well suited to this task. I’m thinking of Melbourne Takes the Cake as a title… with a photo of me in the inside cover from ten years ago, when I was much thinner.

I don’t have any desire to travel to Paris after reading Paris My Sweet, but I wish someone would send some Parisian cake to me.