Peppermint Christmas Biscuits


Peppermint flavours and Christmas go together, but you could also make these biscuits anytime. Change the flavour of the biscuits using your choice of hard boiled lollies and essences or extracts.


100gm cream cheese
2 Tblspns icing sugar
7 or 8 crushed peppermint sticks. (We started with eight peppermint sticks, but S, who was helping, ate one). We put the sticks into a sandwich bag, then wrapped them in two more plastic bags before whacking them with the rolling pin. Very therapeutic, especially just before Christmas [the festival where hard-working women work even harder than usual]).
1/2 tspn peppermint extract

Mix the filling ingredients together and chill while making the biscuits.


175gm butter
1 C sugar
2 C self raising flour
1 egg
1 tspn vanilla extract
2 Tblspns sugar extra, coloured with red food colouring

Cream the butter and sugar, mix in the egg and vanilla extract, then fold in the flour using a metal spoon. Roll into balls.

Press your thumb deep into each ball and spoon in about half a teaspoon of the filling. Don’t over-fill with filling or the biscuits won’t roll up again easily.


Roll the biscuits back into balls with the filling inside.

Press each biscuit flat using the bottom of a wet glass which has been dipped in the coloured sugar.


I usually cook 15 biscuits per tray but this mixture was very spread-y. I ended up cooking eight biscuits at a time so they didn’t end up as one big biscuit.

Bake at 175 degrees Celsius for about ten minutes. Let the biscuits sit on the tray for a few minutes before moving to a wire rack to cool. Makes about 30 biscuits.