The Bride Hunter by Amy Appleton

I nearly wasn’t going to review ‘The Bride Hunter’ by Amy Appleton, as being seen to read romance novel novels doesn’t necessarily fit with the image of myself I want others to have, which is more of a big words, Penguin published, literary type of book reader. 

However, as Jane Austen herself pointed out the joys of novel reading in ‘Northanger Abbey’, I decided to be honest with myself and admit to reading nearly everything that comes my way, light romance and chick lit included. (For the record, Jane Austen is my favourite author).

The heroine of Amy Appleton’s book ‘The Bride Hunter’ Becca, is a modern day matchmaker, who finds suitable wives for rich men. Due to having had her own heart broken in the past, Becca is unable to see that the hero is her own Mr Right, even though his suitability for this role is blindingly obvious to the reader from his first appearance in the novel. (Although to be fair, another two characters, including an old flame also have the potential to end up happily ever after with Becca by the last page too).

The plot is predictable, but enjoyable anyway. Becca has a loving family and good friends, and lives a glamorous life in London setting up romantic dates for her clients at the Tower of London, the London Eye and other tourist spots, plus, she eats the most gorgeous sounding things.

There are detailed descriptions of goodies from a bakery in the shadow of the Monument, exotic sounding Lebabese food at a hidden restaurant, her mother’s home made shepherd’s pies and apple crumble, and my absolute favourite, afternoon tea at a London hotel with a three tiered tray containing sandwiches, fruit tarts, chocolate brownies, scones and cream, with Earl Grey Tea and Champagne. I don’t drink, but the description of a Brandy Alexander recipe makes me want to try one of them too.

Even though I don’t expect to remember a thing about the storyline in a month’s time, while I was reading The Bride Hunter I was really happy. I like descriptions of good food and the chance to experience another life and romance and place through reading. I like happy endings. I like romance. This is a great book to read on a rainy afternoon, while lying on the couch and eating chocolate.