Nutella Cheesecake


I bought a spring form cake pan ages ago and have been busting to use it ever since. Never mind that S says she doesn’t eat cheese – I lied and told her it was a chocolate pie. He Who Eats All of Leftovers says he doesn’t like hazelnut, but that didn’t deter me – I lied to him too and said it was chocolate pie.

As it turned out, I was the only one in the household who didn’t like Nutella Cheesecake, probably because my conscience got the better of me. He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers and S loved it.

This cheesecake is very, very rich. It probably should have had hazelnuts sprinkled on top too, but then no one would have eaten it.

250gm Arnott’s Marie biscuits (sweet, plain biscuits)
100gm melted butter (you may even need more than this, I find making biscuit bases to be a very inexact science).
400gm Nutella
500gm cream cheese
1/3 Cup icing sugar
chopped hazelnuts for a topping (I left these out).

Smash the biscuits into a fine crumb (I usually use the three bag and rolling pin method, but this time I got with the program and used the food processor. Washing out all of the food processor bowls and components is a pain, but is not as annoying as sweeping biscuits crumbs off the floor when the bags split after being smashed with the rolling pin).
Mix the biscuits with the butter and a tablespoon of Nutella.


Press the mixture into your **ta da** spring form pan and put it in the fridge to chill.

Beat the cream cheese and icing sugar together, then beat in the Nutella.

Spoon the Nutella mixture over the base and sprinkle hazelnuts over the top. Refrigerate.