Flummery Pie


Mum used to make Flummery when we were small, but I haven’t eaten it for over thirty years. I’m not sure why it went out of fashion at our house, but there must have been a reason. Mum set the Flummery straight into a bowl and scooped it out into our dessert bowls like a mousse.

I don’t think the pie base in this recipe was well suited to the Flummery, but I’m having trouble thinking of what base would be nice! I’m not great at pastry and don’t think a shortbread base would go well either. Maybe Flummery is best without a base, although I do think a hard chocolate topping would be fantastic with lime Flummery, criss-crossed over the top.

25 gm butter

2 Tblspns golden syrup

125 gm Corn Flakes

120gm milk chocolate

85 gm packet of jelly crystals (I used lime, but use whatever you like).

210 ml boiling water

220 ml evaporated milk

Melt the butter, golden syrup and chocolate together, then mix in with the Corn Flakes. Press into a greased pie dish and refrigerate.


Mix up the jelly with the boiling water, then beat the evaporated milk until it is thick and frothy. Mix the jelly mixture into the evaporated milk, then pour the lot over the pie base. Refrigerate for several hours before serving.


Fruit and Nut Slice (No Bake)

roll 2

All right, all right, I know. My photos are getting worse. I realise that Fruit and Nut Slice looks like a dog’s breakfast in this photo, but take it from me, photos lie. Fruit and Nut Slice, just like everything from the Magnificently Simple Marvellous Slice Recipes book is delicious. Trust me on this.

1/2 Cup brown sugar

3 tablespoons cocoa

250gm Marie biscuits, crushed

1 Cup chopped dried fruit (I used raisins, but you can use whatever you like. Sultanas would probably be nice).

1/4 Cup crushed nuts (I left these out. I made this slice to take to Mum and Dad’s, and Mum won’t eat nuts).

125 gm Copha (I used butter. Remember what I’ve told you about Copha? It is bad for you and leaves your tongue feeling waxy. Use butter instead).

1/2 Cup coconut

3 Tblspns jam

1 Tblspn milk and sherry (I only had milk. I don’t know anyone who has sherry in the pantry anymore, except maybe Mum. The slice tasted just fine).

Mix the sugar, cocoa, fruit and nuts together. Melt the butter in a saucepan and mix in the jam, milk and sherry. Mix the butter mixture into the dry ingredients using your hands. Lick them clean, then go and wash them properly.

Sprinkle the coconut over some baking paper and roll the mixture into a log.


Refrigerate the mixture until firm, then slice it up. I didn’t do a great job of rolling the mixture into a log, which is why these photos show a lumpy sort of mess. Once I learn the trick of making a neat log, I’ll let you know how too.

Tiny Teddy Racers


I made these for Little M’s fifth birthday party. Just looking for an excuse to make them really, any occasion would have done.

1 Packet of mini Mars Bars or Snickers or Milky Ways (car chassis).

1 Packet of Smarties (wheels and steering wheels).

I Packet of Tiny Teddy biscuits (racing car drivers).

a little bit of melted chocolate (glue).

Cut the Tiny Teddies in half at the waist, cut some of the Smarties in half to make steering wheels, then melt the chocolate and start assembling. Don’t eat too many Smarties as you go or you will run out of wheels.

Satay Chicken


He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers loves Satay Chicken. He says, “I love chicken,” in exactly the same tone he used to use when he said romantic things to me.

This recipe for Satay Chicken is very quick and easy to make and best of all, I usually have the required ingredients in the pantry without having to make a special trip to the supermarket to cook this.

1 Tablespoon red curry paste (use more or less to suit your taste)

500gm thinly sliced chicken breast

2 Tablespoons crunchy peanut butter

3/4 Cup cream

Heat the curry paste in a frypan (watch out, it gets very splattery), then add the chicken and cook until it is sealed. Add the peanut butter and cream, then simmer for about five minutes.

Serve with rice.


Lemon Toffee

lemon toffee

I was an expert toffee maker by the time I was 8. This is the first time I’ve ever made Lemon Toffee and I have to admit, the lemon flavour is slightly more grown-up than most of my toffee recipes.

This is a sticky toffee, so it must be poured into patty pans to set. It won’t set hard, so it won’t break up into pieces if you pour it onto a tray.

300ml cream

200 ml golden syrup

300 ml sugar

2 Tblpns butter

Juice and zest of a lemon

Put everything in a pan and heat slowly until the sugar has dissolved, stirring constantly. Bring to the boil, continuing to stir until the mixture stays firm on a spoon when you dip it into a glass of water (around 30 minutes – I shouldn’t admit to this, but I read while I am stirring things over the stove).

lemon toffee2

Pour carefully into patty pan cases.