Bumpers by the Bay at Williamstown

The FJ FX Club recently held a car show called Bumpers by the Bay, at Sea Works at Williamstown, Melbourne. ‘Bumpers’ refers to the chrome bumper bars on the cars.

We’ve been to quite a few car shows in this location, and always enjoy them. Although Sea Works is right on the bay, with great views of the Bay, the city of Melbourne, Williamstown and the surrounding marinas, (I’ll blog photos of the area without cars next week). The area is quite sheltered, with plenty of indoor display areas too.



He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers got very excited when he saw the Starsky & Hutch car, (below). Around 1000 Gran Torinos were produced to commemorate the television show in the 1970’s.


If you look really carefully through the masts behind the car below, you can see the West Gate Bridge.


There are working shipyards in the area and plenty of seagulls.

I like the bare-metal look below, and the licence plates added great contrasting colour to the interior.


Mum tells a story about falling out of a Willys with suicide doors when she was a little girl, but I bet the Willys she fell out of didn’t look like this one.


Flat black with red rims is a classic look.


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