Rockabilly Rats, Tatts n’ Pin-ups Corio

Corio 11

Kingpin Kustoms have been putting on some great car shows this winter, Rats, Tatts n’ Pin-Ups, with rockabilly bands, bikes, carnival rides and stalls at pubs all over Melbourne. Recently, He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers, Miss S and I went to one at the Gateway Hotel at Corio.

Corio 10

We ate at the smorgasbord at The Gateway and had a good meal. Dad always calls smorgasbords ‘the walkaround’ and my brother-in-law calls them ‘troughs,’ but we like the variety of foods available. The desserts at The Gateway were particularly good.

We saw The Strays and The Detonators perform. Both bands always put on a good show. The Strays love their Stray Cats music and as for The Detonators, Hot Rod Tip Truck is a crowd favourite. There were other bands too, but unfortunately we didn’t see them, too much else going on.

There are a few more Rats, Tatts n’ Pin-Ups days to come, looking forward to them, especially now the weather is getting better. For a gold coin donation to charity, these are a great day out.