Rockabilly Rats, Tatts n’ Pin-Ups Sandown

Sandown 3

The most recent Rockabilly Rats, Tatts n’ Pin-Ups Day by Kingpin Kuztums was at the Sandown Hotel on the last weekend of winter. These days are getting bigger and bigger. Hot rods, customs, drag cars, bikes, bands, carnival rides, there¬†was something happening everywhere you looked.

He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers had already heard about the Customline in the photo below, so was keen to check it out.

Sandown 1 Cusso

The bands were fantastic, I loved seeing A Band Called Twang, The Strays, Tijuana Surf and Pat Capocci. There were two band rooms, with appreciative crowds in both.


Even Big Bad Wolves like ice-cream.

Can’t wait for the next Rockabilly Rats, Tatts n’ Pin-Ups.