GreazeFest Melbourne 2016

grease 2

GreazeFest is a Kustom Kulture weekend held every August in Brisbane, with hotrods and customs on display, rockabilly bands, djs, markets, pinstripers, a kustom culture art show, pin-ups and loads of people who cool people who like to see and be seen. (Attending these events always makes me wonder if I’m the last woman left on earth with the hair colour I was born with and who doesn’t have a tattoo, but that is another story).

grease 11

Happily for those of us in Melbourne, a few years ago the organisers decided to bring the event here. It is held at Sandown Racecourse, which has a massive area for the stage, dancefloor, lounge and markets, as well as a big under-cover area for more stalls and a big, grassy area for the show and shine. Melbourne in August can be cold, wet, windy and miserable, so Sandown, which has a  huge indoor area, is a great venue. GreazeFest in Melbourne on Saturday was mild and Sunday was sunny, so the Greazers this year were blessed.

grease 7

There are bands Friday night at the LuWow ( otherwise known as the coolest venue in Melbourne), a hotrod show Saturday and Sunday, and bands all day and night Saturday and Sunday. There are a mixture of local and interstate bands and a few international headline acts.

He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers and I have previously attended the Greazer in Brisbane and really enjoyed the event there. The difference is that GreazeFest in Brisbane is warm and sunny, with the women who rock the kustom culture look, wearing sundresses and carrying parasols, while in Melbourne, men rug up in tartan fleecy jackets, turned up jeans and work boots, and women wear a thick coat over their outfits which is only taken off while dancing.

I loved Melbourne band, ‘Hank’s Jalopy Demons’ and a Queensland band I hadn’t heard before, ‘A Band Called Twang,’ but out of all the bands that play, it is hard to pick a favourite. As long as there is a slap bass, I’m happy.

grease 6

The FJ in the photo above is heavily customised.

grease 8

Above, low and pin-striped.

grease 12




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