Queenscliff Hot Rod Run 2015

The first thing entrants want to know when they go to a Hot Rod Run, is what does the T Shirt design look like?


None of the male entrants want white shirts, because they get grubby, and hot rodders usually already have loads of black T Shirts in their wardrobes.  Queenscliff’s T Shirt is dark green this year, which should suit everyone. I like that the lighthouse made it into the design.

Friday night there is a sausage sizzle at the oval. You can just see the lighthouse in the background of the photo below.

queen 13

Saturday starts with breakfast at the oval, then entrants have their choice of going on a winery tour or to the Adventure Park. With our nieces in tow, we always opt for the Adventure Park.

queen 7

queen 6

Saturday night is street cruising.

queen 2

queen 15

Crowds line the streets, the band plays and the shopkeepers stay open to sell ice creams and fish and chips.

queen 11

queen 9

queen 8

queen 3

queen 16

Cruising in style in a dicky seat.

queen 4

Sunday is breakfast at the park followed by the Show and Shine.

queen 12

queen 5