Poco Artisan Icecream at Port Fairy, Victoria Australia

Imagine if the internet was able to give users a taste of a recipe. If it could, I would send a taste of the Fig Cheesecake Icecream I had from Poco Artisan Icecream at Port Fairy, in western Victoria, Australia recently. It was wonderful.

I can’t even post a photo as I was too busy gobbling down my icecream to take one.

We heard about Poco from friends who had been indulging daily while on holiday in Port Fairy. They recommeded Salted Caramel, however the flavours change daily and it wasn’t on the menu when we were there. I wasn’t disappointed though, as I’m sure I’ll go back!

The line was out the door when we arrived, and it took us about 15 minutes to be served. There were hordes of people sitting around on the grass at the front of the shop eating their icecreams in perfect happiness. The shop is tiny, but there was a choice of about 20 flavours. On the day we were there the flavours included Kinder Suprise, Panna Cotta, Pistachio and Limoncello icecreams. A medium serve was around $5.

I expect the recipes are very closely guarded secrets.