Pancakes 2


The lemon in this picture was decorated by someone I work with. Anybody who cooks would probably not draw on a lemon, because then the zest is unusable. This particular lemon artist here has all of his meals cooked for him by his Mum.

The beautiful plate is from Honey-Bunny, who bought it at a garage sale.

I Cup plain flour
sprinkle of salt
1 egg
1 and a quarter Cups of milk

Sift the flour and salt, mix in the egg and milk.

Let the mixture stand for half an hour before cooling in butter.

Serve with lemon and sugar (or butter and honey, or butter and jam or whatever you like. Nutella and bananas might be nice).


The most important thing to know about making pancakes is that if you don’t wipe the bench of any spills and wash out the bowl, beaters, spatula and any other utensils you have used to make the batter immediately after use, the left-over batter will harden and stick to everything like concrete, and you will be chipping away at it for ages in an attempt to clean up.

2 eggs

1/4 C brown sugar

2/3 C milk

1 C self raising flour

Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. Pour about half a cup of mixture at a time into a buttered frypan, turning with a spatula when bubbles come through the pancakes.