Panache Cafe and Creperie at Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia

Death by Chocolate pancake Panache January 2014

Every year during summer we go camping at Queenscliff in Victoria for a weekend. We always take some younger members of the family with us and over the years we have developed a routine of eating at Panache Cafe and Creperie, located in the main street of Queenscliff on the Saturday night of our visit.

 C ordered a savoury chicken kiev pancake, but she couldn’t finish it, so he who eats all of our leftovers helped out.

G and I both ordered Blueberry Kosciusko, which comes with a mountain of ice cream. He who eats all of our leftovers helped both of us out as we couldn’t manage to finish our ice cream.

M is too small to order, so we ordered a plain stack of pancakes with ice cream for him. He who eats all of our leftovers had to help him out as well.

 He who eats all of our leftovers ordered the pancake in the picture, ‘Death by Chocolate’ and didn’t need any help at all to finish it.

Our meals were around $15 each, but beware, Panache Cafe and Creperie don’t do EFTPOS.