Sea Shepherd


Last weekend we went to Williamstown in Melbourne and had a tour of the MY Bob Barker, one of the Sea Shepherd’s fleet of vessels.

Funnily enough, the MY Bob Barker was originally built as a whaling vessel, but is now used to prevent illegal whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in the Antarctic carried out by the Japanese. Sea Shepherd are involved in other causes too, but anti-whaling is an issue which is dear to the hearts of a great many Australians.

The people involved in the Sea Shepherd organisation donate their time and to maintaining the vessels, fundraising, running campaigns and going to sea to carry out their works. They are a non profit organisation whose whole reason to exist is marine conservation.


The tours of the vessels held every Sunday afternoon at Seaworks while the ships are in dock. They are free, but you can use your visit as an opportunity to donate money or food or useful items to the organisation. You can even donate your time. All of the books in the crew living area pictured below were donated.


The orange suits pictured below give the wearer an additional five minutes of life if they fall in the water in the Antarctica. Everyone on the tour at this point gave a gasp of horror, even those familiar with Whale Wars, the television series which documents the Sea Shepherd’s efforts.


The people from all over the world who dedicate their lives and time to this organisation and other causes on behalf of all of us are to be admired.