My Walk to Work


From Flinders Street Train Station in Melbourne I walk across the Princes Bridge and then down St Kilda Road. I took the picture of the full moon over the Yarra River last week from the Princes Bridge around 6.30am.

From the station I walk past Hamer Hall and the Art Centre. The posters advertising coming events change regularly. At the moment the opera ‘Carmen’ is advertised. Will Carmen love Jose tomorrow? Maybe. According to the posters she doesn’t know. The flags with black and white photos of a beautiful woman holding a wild horse are striking. I don’t really remember the storyline, but I don’t think it ends happily.

St Kilda Road is covered in autumn leaves. The lights outside the National Gallery shine up eerily into almost bare trees.


There are runners and walkers, people walking dogs and people like me making their way to work in the dark.