Melbourne Star


He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers and I recently did a ‘flight’ on the Melbourne Star. I don’t know why this gets called a flight, because the Melbourne Star is actually a giant ferris wheel. My word for the trip would be a ‘ride.’

Also, people in Melbourne call the Melbourne Star, ‘the Wheel.’

star 4.jpg

The Wheel seemed to take ages to be built initially, and was only in use for about a month when it closed because of structural defects. I think the wrong kind of steel for Australian conditions was used, so the Wheel was pulled down and re-built.

The view below is looking out to Port Phillip Bay, with the Bolte Bridge crossing the Yarra River in the foreground.

star 5

While the Wheel was being built, most people agreed that it was being built in the wrong place. St Kilda (on the bay itself) would probably have been a better spot, probably because tourists actually go to St Kilda.

star 6.jpg

If you want a great view of the city, the bay and Melbourne’s suburbs in all directions, the view from the Eureka Tower is much better, however the view from the Wheel was interesting, if a bit industrial.