Mars Bar Slice


Mars Bar Slice is my latest offering from the Magnificently Simple Marvellous Slice Recipes cookbook.

Expect everyone to gobble these up.

125gm butter

3 Mars Bars (I used a packet of the little ones)

4 Cups Rice Bubbles.

Chop up the Mars Bars and butter, and melt over a low heat. Once melted, mix into a large bowl with the Rice Bubbles and stir them well.

Press into a lines slice tray. Cut into squares after about ten minutes.


Fruit and Nut Slice (No Bake)

roll 2

All right, all right, I know. My photos are getting worse. I realise that Fruit and Nut Slice looks like a dog’s breakfast in this photo, but take it from me, photos lie. Fruit and Nut Slice, just like everything from the Magnificently Simple Marvellous Slice Recipes book is delicious. Trust me on this.

1/2 Cup brown sugar

3 tablespoons cocoa

250gm Marie biscuits, crushed

1 Cup chopped dried fruit (I used raisins, but you can use whatever you like. Sultanas would probably be nice).

1/4 Cup crushed nuts (I left these out. I made this slice to take to Mum and Dad’s, and Mum won’t eat nuts).

125 gm Copha (I used butter. Remember what I’ve told you about Copha? It is bad for you and leaves your tongue feeling waxy. Use butter instead).

1/2 Cup coconut

3 Tblspns jam

1 Tblspn milk and sherry (I only had milk. I don’t know anyone who has sherry in the pantry anymore, except maybe Mum. The slice tasted just fine).

Mix the sugar, cocoa, fruit and nuts together. Melt the butter in a saucepan and mix in the jam, milk and sherry. Mix the butter mixture into the dry ingredients using your hands. Lick them clean, then go and wash them properly.

Sprinkle the coconut over some baking paper and roll the mixture into a log.


Refrigerate the mixture until firm, then slice it up. I didn’t do a great job of rolling the mixture into a log, which is why these photos show a lumpy sort of mess. Once I learn the trick of making a neat log, I’ll let you know how too.

Sea Dream Slice


Ignore the photo, Sea Dream Slice is delicious.

This is another great recipe from the Magnificently Simple Marvellous Slice Recipes Cookbook. I don’t know why this is called Sea Dream Slice, maybe the person who invented this had a lot more imagination than me.

1 packet of crushed Marie Biscuits, (for those outside of Australia, Marie Biscuits are plain sweet biscuits).

3/4 Cup brown sugar

1 Cup sultanas

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

125gm butter

1 1/2 tablespoons cocoa

1 tablespoon milk

3 tablespoons coconut

Cream the butter and sugar, then mix in the crushed biscuits, cocoa, sultanas and vanilla extract.

Mix well, then add the milk. Roll into two logs, (I was lazy and only made one log, but they were a bit too big. When I make this next time, I’ll make two logs). Roll the logs (plural) in coconut then wrap up in baking paper.

Refrigerate until firm, then cut into slices.

Marshmallow Slice

Marsh 2

This is my first disaster from the Magnificently Simple Marvellous Slice Recipes cook book. The marshmallow wouldn’t set, and even though I knew better, I still used it and ended up with a runny mess that had to be eaten with a spoon.

What I should have done is thrown the marshmallow away and re-made it using my own tried and true recipe.

The slice actually tasted delicious so I am going to make it again, using my own marshmallow recipe. However, for the purposes of this blog, I am posting the original recipe with all of the nasty photos. My own marshmallow recipe which I know works is at the bottom of the post.


3 crushed weetbix

3/4 Cup brown sugar

1 Cup plain flour

1 Cup coconut

125gm butter (I actually used about 175gm of butter)

Melt the butter and mix into dry ingredients. Press into a lined tray and bake at 170 degrees Celsius for ten minutes. Cool.


Marshmallow (original recipe from book)

1 Cup sugar

3/4 Cup cold water

1 tspn gelatin

1/4 tspn vanilla extract

Put the sugar, water and gelatin into a saucepan and sit for ten minutes while the sugar dissolves. Continue dissolving the sugar over a low heat, before bringing mixture to a boil for three minutes. Cool the mixture before adding the vanilla extract and beating until it thickens. Once thick, pour over the base and allow to set. (This is where I went wrong. The marshmallow wouldn’t thicken, but I used it anyway. Big mistake, as you can see by the picture below).

Marsh 3

Chocolate Topping (I didn’t use the suggested topping, as Copha disagrees with me. I’ve put the recipe I used instead at the bottom of the post, after my marshmallow recipe).

100gm Copha

1 Cup drinking chocolate (Sorry, I have no idea if this is a made up cup of cocoa or something else)

Mix well and cool. Pour over slice.

Rose’s Marshmallow

1 Cup sugar
1 Cup water
1 Tablespoon gelatine
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 teaspoons lemon juice

Place the sugar, water and gelatine in a saucepan and stir until the sugar dissolves. Brush the sides down with a wet pastry brush if necessary. Once dissolved boil the mixture for ten minutes without stirring. Take off the heat and allow to cool.

Rose’s Chocolate Icing

1 Cup icing sugar

2 Tblspns cocoa

50gm softened butter

Mix all ingredients together then add a tablespoon of water at a time to the mixture until the consistency is good to spread over the top of the marshmallow. The icing may seem a bit buttery, but it sets very well.


Dried Apricot Slice


Dried Apricot Slice is the latest offering from the  Magnificently Simple Marvellous Slice Recipes Cook book. I’ve been making a version of this recipe for years using glace cherries, which is delicious.

100gm dried apricots, chopped

100gm plain sweet biscuits, crushed (as always, I used Arnott’s Marie biscuits)

2/3 Cup sweetened condensed milk

50gm marshmallows, chopped

25gm chopped nuts

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


Mix everything (except the coconut) together. (At this point, my niece S, who is 12, said the mixture looked like cat’s vomit. I have to agree, and the red bowl I was using didn’t help the appearance. Have a look at the photo below and tell me what you think).

Marshmallow 2

Sprinkle a sheet of baking paper with coconut and roll into a log.

Refrigerate until set, then cut into slices.

Pineapple Slice


Pineapple Slice is a yummy, creamy, cheese cake slice, yet another fantastic recipe from the Magnificently Simple Marvellous Slice Recipes cookbook. I can not understand why this ripper of a cookbook is out of print. Every single recipe works. Every single recipe tastes unbelievably good. All of the ingredients are so readily available that you probably already have them in the pantry.

200gm Arnotts Nice biscuits (plain, sugared biscuits), crushed.
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
125gm melted butter

Mix all of the ingredients for the base together and press into a lines slice tin. Refrigerate while you make the topping. Try to resist eating too much of the base before you put the topping in, because it is delicious.

250gm cream cheese
425gm crushed pineapple (I think peaches or other stone fruit would be nice too)
1 tblspn gelatine
425gm sweetened condensed milk
1/2 Cup lemon juice

Cream the cheese and sweetened condensed milk together until smooth. Drain the pineapple and mix the juice and gelatine together in a small saucepan, stirring over a low heat until the gelatine is dissolved. Cool, then add the lemon juice and pineapple. Mix in to the cream cheese mix, then pour over the base.



Refrigerate for 24 hours, then cut into squares.

Caramel Hedgehog

Caramel Hedgehog

Another winner from the Magnificently Simple Marvellous Slice Recipes Cook Book.

Sigh. I suppose it is obvious that I am getting fatter as I work my way through the recipes in this book.

Mum and my sister E asked for this recipe the instant they tasted these, which is a sure sign of a great recipe.

125gm butter
3 tablespoons brown sugar
1 table spoon golden syrup
3 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 packet of crushed Marie biscuits

Melt the butter, brown sugar, golden syrup and sweetened condensed milk together in a suacepan.

Caramel 2

Bring to the boil, add the vanilla extract then take off the heat and leave to cool slightly.

Mix the caramel mixture into the crushed biscuits then press into a lined slice tray.

Caramel 3

Refrigerate slightly before marking into squares, then leave in fridge until set.

Lemon Slice

Lemon Slice2

Lemon Slice is the latest offering from the Magnificently Simple Marvelous Slice Recipes cook book, and not surprisingly, this recipe is another winner.

My sister E, who was a picky eater growing up, liked this slice so in our family Lemon Slice was always known as E’s Slice.

1 packet crushed Marie biscuits (sweet plain biscuits)
1/2 tin sweetened condensed milk
Grated rind from 1 lemon
1 Cup coconut
125gm melted butter

Mix the biscuits, coconut and lemon rind together, add the melted butter and sweetened condensed milk and mix well. Press into a lined slice tray and chill.

Lemon Icing

One and a half Cups of icing sugar
Rind and juice of one lemon

Stir the lemon juice into the icing sugar a little at a time as you may not need it all. Ice and chill before cutting into squares.

Muesli Bar Slice

Muesli Slice 3

I took a few pieces of Muesli Bar Slice for Mum and my sister E to try, (only a couple of pieces because I didn’t think they would like it), but they both went crazy for it. Mum said it was very similar to a slice that her mother, Nana C used to make and asked me to write her out the recipe. E loved it and also had me write it straight into her recipe book in my best writing. Her recipe book is a fat old exercise book stuffed with loose recipes which I would love to get my hands on.

This recipe for Muesli Bar Slice is from the Magnificently Simple Marvellous Slice Recipes book and is another easy to make, no bake recipe that tastes really good.

1 Cup rolled oats
1 Cup Rice Bubbles
1 Cup coconut
4 crushed Weet Bix
1/2 Cup mixed fruit (I picked out the mixed peel, no one likes mixed peel. You could use sultanas or dried apricots or whatever you like).

Mix these ingredients together in a large bowl.

Muesli Slice 2

3/4 Cup brown sugar
1/2 Cup honey
1/2 Cup peanut butter
125gm butter

Place the butter, sugar, honey and peanut butter into a saucepan and mix together over a low heat until everything is melted. Bring to a simmer and continue stirring for about five minutes until the mixture starts to thicken.

Muesli Slice

Mix the toffee mixture into the dry ingredients and press the mixture into a lined slice tin. Refrigerate until set, then cut into squares or bars.

Peppermint Slice

Peppermint Slice

This recipe for Peppermint Slice is probably the easiest recipe I’ve ever made. It doesn’t need baking and is ready in about ten minutes. This is the fourth recipe I’ve made from the Magnificently Simple Marvellous Slice Recipes cookbook, and so far I have to say that the book’s title is completely accurate.

1 tin (395gm) sweetened condensed milk
2 Peppermint Crisps
1 packet Arnotts Marie biscuits (plain, sweet biscuits)

Crush the biscuits and Peppermints Crisps. Mix the sweetened condensed milk into the combined biscuits and chocolate bars and press into a lined slice tin.

Peppermint Slice.2jpg

Refrigerate and ice when cool. I iced the slice with 200gm of chocolate melted with 50gm butter, then cut into squares.