Breakfast at Mac’s Lounge at Sunbury

I have to admit, I don’t like going out to restaurants for breakfast because it is socially unacceptable to order dessert with breakfast.

Quite recently, He Who Eats All of Leftovers, our niece S and I collected Honey-Bunny from the airport early in the morning before heading to Sunbury for breakfast.

For those of you who enjoy cricket, Sunbury in Victoria is the home of the Ashes.

We drove up and down the main street looking for a likely place to eat. Honey-Bunny very cleverly found good reviews and the directions to Mac’s Lounge on her phone while the rest of us were looking out the car window and arguing about whether to eat at the bakery or Mickey D’s. So Mac’s Lounge it was.

S had the children’s serve of pancakes.


I had French Toast. Yum. They were just as good as dessert. French Toast is a recipe I will NEVER, EVER learn to make for myself, in case I end up the size of a house. I couldn’t finish my serving, which was huge, so guess who helped me with my leftovers?


Honey-Bunny had eggs something or other (maybe Benedict?)


He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers had pancakes too.

I can highly recommend breakfast at Mac’s Lounge. The French Toast was very, very good and came with ice cream, just like dessert.