Kermonds Hamburgers in Warrnambool

kermonds 3

Dad used to take us kids to Kermonds Hamburgers at 151 Lava Street in Warrnambool, Victoria for a hamburger and a milkshake after going to the Warrnambool Saleyards over forty years ago. Not much has changed in that time, including the furniture. The burgers are still fantastic, you can still get a milkshake and I’m pretty sure the furniture and some of the staff are the same (although the lady behind the counter who Dad always had a little flirt with has probably long since retired).

kermonds 2

At lunch time, it is standing room only while you order. Everyone in town, locals and visitors alike, know how good these burgers are. The burgers also feature regularly in lists of Victoria’s best hamburgers. He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers has a mate who buys burgers to take back to Melbourne (a three hour drive) for another mate.

kermonds 4

The menu is straightforward. You can have a burger with onion bacon, eggs, cheese, tomato, lettuce and pineapple, or any variation on those ingredients that you like. The onion is cooked, which in my opinion, is perfect.

Milkshakes are the same, a variety of flavours, with or without malt.

I can’t think of anyplace I would rather be at lunchtime with Dad.