Life Advice for My Daughter and Nieces #3


Don’t join supermarket queues where the operator is a teenage girl with long fingernails. She will be very slow and you will wait in line for a long time. If there are¬†cute boys ahead of you in the line and there are no other queues to join, paint your own¬†fingernails while you wait, you’ll have time.

My advice is to join the longest line, which is probably being operated by a frumpy, middle aged woman who is a superfast operator and friendly to everyone, not just teenage boys.

Life Advice for My Daughter and Nieces #2


It is the little things in life that make me happiest, for example; looking at my toe nails when they are painted.

Life Advice for My Daughter and Nieces


Bleach and good clothes don’t mix, as discovered recently by Honey-bunny.