Melbourne in Spring

I walk most lunchtimes. Melbourne is a beautiful city for walkers with loads of parks around the CBD fringes and walking paths along the Yarra River.

The following photos are from a walk I took one lunchtime last week along the Yarra. The weather was typical for Melbourne in spring, around 20 degrees Celsius, with a slight breeze. It rained a little, then the sun came out. The saying is in Melbourne that if you don’t like our weather, just wait a minute!

The photo below is from the Swan Street Bridge looking back towards the CBD.

Mel 10.jpg

I’ve been watching the nesting swan in the photos below for a few weeks. The bridge in the background is the Princes Bridge.

The view in the photo below left is from the Princes Bridge, looking across Federation Square, and the photo below right is looking down the Yarra River to the MCG. The boathouses on the right side of the photo belong to various rowing clubs.

The photo below is looking back at the Princes Bridge from Princes Walk. The Art Centre spire is in the background.

Mel 9

Further along Princes Walk. The thing in the river is to catch rubbish and debris.

Mel 8.jpg

No one knows what the massive three-legged mosaic sculpture on Birrarung Marr is all about, but we like it. It is called Angel and is by Deborah Halpern. I believe the name Birrarung Marr means ‘beside the river’.

Mel 3.jpg

Flowering gum. My favourite.



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  1. It looks beautiful, and a black swan! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black swan, though we have white ones on the river opposite my house.

    • Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a white swan! Black swans are native to Australia.
      I took a photo of a swan last year in the same area with its babies (forget what they are called), not sure if it was the same one or not.

  2. Now see, I have been very remiss with most of my blogs over the last month. You have NO idea how busy retirement can be! (Really, though, I have been beside myself.)

    Anyhow, I had to respond to this because I visit Melbourne now a bit because our two children now live there, and I’ve been noticing recently just how many parks and gardens there are there. We have a lot in Canberra – we are the bush capital and it was designed with lots of green space. But I wasn’t expecting it Melbourne – probably just because I really didn’t know Melbourne. We enjoy our visits and only partly because of the kids!

    • Are you wondering when you found time to work?
      I lived in Canberra a long time ago and enjoyed walking there too. I remember when I first moved there (from Batemans Bay) and looked out the window to see a clear blue winter sky and headed out walking in my t-shirt!

      • I sure am Rose! Of course there’s also the thing as you get older – although I’m not quite there yet, I’ve just been told this by my mum – that everything you do takes longer to do. I can’t wait for that phase in my life 🙂

        I didn’t know you’d lived in this area. How could you leave!?

      • It was hard to leave! We needed to be closer to ageing parents so off we went 🙂

      • Ah, I completely understand. My parents moved here 21 years ago – it was the best thing they did. But not everyone is able to do that. In their case, I was here, and my brother in Hobart, so here they came. Both our kids are in Melbourne – I’m wondering what we’ll decide in 10 years or so. Could I live in Melbourne!!

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