Work Cats

work cats

The work cats are feral and live under a building which is about to be demolished.

Somebody managed to capture the kitten and took it home in order to make a pet of it, but it ran away and came back to live under the condemned building with its mother.


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  1. Aw, they’re lovely! Poor things – I wonder where they’ll go. How sweet that the kitten went back to its mother. I bet it’s more fun being feral than being a housecat, even if it’s more dangerous. My pampered pair spend half their lives bored. But they do like a nice radiator to curl up next to in winter. You should start a campaign to stop the building being demolished!

    • The building has to go, it is endangering the cats! It is a derelict building on a university campus, so there are loads more hides-holes for the cats. They are so well fed by Security staff and the students that they don’t need to fend for themselves at all.

      • Haha – that’s so sweet. I though they looked well fed and sleek for ferals! Best of both worlds – freedom and regular feeding… 😀

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