Melbourne Aces at Melbourne Ballpark



He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers and I live near Melbourne Ballpark, and have regularly said to each other over the past fifteen years that we must go to a baseball game sometime to see what all the fuss is about. As we get around to most things eventually, we went to see the Melbourne Aces play Perth Heat last weekend.

First things first, the netting around the stadium was invaluable. Each time the batter hit a foul ball and the ball came straight into the crowd at us, I ducked. He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers laughed at me, and swore he would have caught at least three of the balls, but thanks to the netting he was never put to the test.


The game itself was just as exciting as the prospect of being hit by a foul ball, but much more enjoyable. There were nine innings (I admit to being ready for bed by about the eighth), but the ‘rah rah’ of the music which accompanied each batter’s preparations and the sound effects of breaking glass when the ball was hit out of the stadium was fun and kept us entertained.


There was loads of activities for children, bouncing castles and a hilarious chase across the ground after the mascot, Ace, which would have ended in tears for Ace had they caught him and piled on, as I had expected when the mascot set off.

base 3.jpg

Someone hit a home run, there were several double-plays where two people went out at once, we all got up for the traditional seventh innings stretch and a small child sung Take Me Out to the Ball Game, to the delight of the crowd. Perth Heat won the game, which left the Melbourne Aces two up in the series with another two games to play the following day.

base 6.jpg

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