Chocolate for Breakfast


I was laying in bed this morning (Saturday 30 July 2016) reading the news on MSN, when I came across a story advising that the end of the world is due sometime today.*

I’m a bit confused about the cause of the end of the world, it was something to do with the north and south poles swapping ends, magnetic something, something else, not sure what, but I think they said geo-something, then birds and fish get confused… Obviously I did not do well in science at school, because I’m confused too.

Anyway, just in case the world does end today, I decided to have chocolate for breakfast, in bed. If the world doesn’t end later today, I’ll blame the headache I have now (the middle of Saturday afternoon) from too much chocolate on the doomsday mob who made me think I should live today as if it is my last day. So far, on this last day on earth, I’ve let Miss S do my make-up; with surprisingly good results, phoned Honey-Bunny for a chat, done a week’s worth of housework just in case life goes on, and watched a car show on tv with He Who Eats All of our Leftovers, since it makes him happy to have someone share his interests.

Now I’m blogging. When I’ve finished, I’ll go for a walk, then fold up the washing, potter around for bit before tea, then go to bed early and read for a while. The perfect day.

*I’ve scheduled this to be posted Monday 2 August 2016, so if you’re reading this, the world didn’t end. Surprise.

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  1. Eh?! But it’s still only the 1st over here! And I’ve run out of chocolate! Will I have time to get to the all-night shop before the end comes? Must dash…


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