Key Lime Pie

key 2


I was sent a postcard from Florida nearly thirty years ago with this recipe for Key Lime Pie by a friend who knew I would much prefer a recipe on a postcard to a postcard of an alligator.

I’ve made the recipe many times, sometimes with lemons and sometimes with limes.

1 tin (400gm) sweetened condensed milk

1/2 Cup lime juice

1 Cup sour cream

1 Tblspn grated lime rind

green food colouring (about two drops should be enough)

250ml whipped cream

250 grams plain sweet biscuits, (as always, I prefer Arnotts Marie biscuits)

150 grams melted butter

Crush the biscuits. I’ve finally worked out the best way to do this and it involves a plastic bag with a seal and a rolling pin.


Mix the butter into a bowl with the crushed biscuits, then press into a pie tin and refrigerate.

key 3

Stir the sweetened condensed milk and lime juice together. Fold in the sour cream, lime rind and food colouring.

Pour into the pie crust and refrigerate. Serve with whipped cream.



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