The Otway Fly


He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers, Miss S, a friend of Miss S’s and I recently went on an adventure, to the Otway Fly in the Otway Ranges of Victoria, where we walked The Treetop Walk through the rainforest. We had a gorgeously sunny day for our visit.


The walk started off as a gentle ramble down a path, with warnings here and there to watch out for snakes. We didn’t see any snakes, but that was fine. We were more than happy to see rosellas and moss and fungus and unfurling fern fronds, (try saying that five times quickly).


After travelling downhill for about a kilometre, we came to the start of the 600 metre steel elevated walkways, which lead to the spiral tower.


The tower is quite high and moves a little. While we were up the tower several other visitors became uncomfortable with the height and movement and had to return to lower ground, but for those who enjoy a bird’s eye view, the outlook over the trees is spectacular. The part of the walk which cantilevers out from the tower over a creek is especially beautiful. As an aside, an information plate told us that the cantilever section can hold the weight of 14 elephants, although none of us could figure out how we could have got an elephant there to test the claim.


The walk eventually led down to the creek, and the rainforest floor was a completely different environment to the canopy, and probably fifteen degrees cooler than up in the tree tops.

We ate at the Black Snail Café when we returned from our walk and were happily surprised by the cost and quality of our meal.

The drive through the Otways was beautiful too, although to go on to the coast was a more difficult drive, another hour of almost single lane roadway with a great many hairpin bends. Luckily for us we didn’t come across any logging trucks on this part of the road.


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