Crunchie Ice Cream Slice

crunchie 2

This is my sister E’s recipe.

I went to the supermarket this morning to buy the ingredients for the slice, gave the recipe to someone I knew at the supermarket, then came home and made it. Yum.

I believe this recipe is supposed to serve about 12 people, but the three of us polished this off in two sittings.

1/2 packet Malt biscuits
300gm thickened cream
200gm sweetened condensed milk
100gm of crunched up Crunchies (don’t use cheap chocolate honeycomb, as the chocolate has a waxy texture when it is frozen).

Line a slice tray with biscuits.

crunchie 3

Whip the cream, then beat in the sweetened condensed milk.

Crunch up the chocolate honeycomb. I put them inside three plastic bags, then wrapped them in newspaper, then whacked the honeycomb with the rolling pin, (this is very satisfying).


Mix the honeycomb (except for a couple of tablespoons) into the cream mixture and spread over the biscuits. Top with the remaining honeycomb and refrigerate.

I’ve promised Miss S that next time we will make this with Peppermint Aero chocolate, and the time after that with Maltesers. I’m even planning a Christmas Rocky Road version with glace cherries, flaked chocolate and marshmallows.


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