Ribs & Burgers


He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers read a restaurant review recently for Ribs & Burgers which made him very keen to try their ribs. Obviously I went along on the excursion too, even though I’m more of a burger fan.

The Ribs & Burgers we went to was in Hawthorn, in Melbourne. The décor is ‘old butcher’s shop’, with big, rustic looking timber counters and tables, serving paddles hanging up in the style of meat hooks and a cool room with a picture of a cow divided into cuts of meat. There is a vegie burger available, but it really is only a token gesture. Meat is the main attraction on this menu.

I had sliders, which for the uninitiated are tiny burgers, one chicken and one beef. The beef slider was fantastic but the chicken burger was not. Luckily He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers finished it for me, because he luuuves chicken.

He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers had a Combo, with beef ribs and sliders. He shared the ribs with me and they were good. We also had onion rings which were yummy, although I have to say, I prefer the onion rings from Hungry Jacks… (don’t judge me, I like what I like).

The menu had a good variety of burgers and ribs, including pork, lamb and salmon, salads, chips and other sides, as well as a children’s menu.

Ribs & Burgers were good, but if they were next door to Kermonds in Warrnambool, I would get my burger from Kermonds instead. If I had the choice between an ordinary takeaway shop in the suburbs and Ribs & Burgers, I would choose the takeaway shop, because there is nothing like the smell and taste of a sloppy Australian hamburger with onion, bacon, cheese, beetroot, tomato and lettuce, and a big splash of barbecue sauce.

Still, Ribs & Burgers provided us with an experience that I enjoyed.

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