Life Advice for My Daughter and Nieces #3


Don’t join supermarket queues where the operator is a teenage girl with long fingernails. She will be very slow and you will wait in line for a long time. If there are cute boys ahead of you in the line and there are no other queues to join, paint your own fingernails while you wait, you’ll have time.

My advice is to join the longest line, which is probably being operated by a frumpy, middle aged woman who is a superfast operator and friendly to everyone, not just teenage boys.

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  1. Haha! Sounds like you’re speaking from experience there!

    • You’re onto me, FictionFan! I was a checkout chick myself back in the day, and was very happy to chat with cute boys in my queue, but now I’m a grumpy, older customer who is always in a hurry. Rose


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