Port Fairy Hot Rod Run

port 2

The Port Fairy Campout Hot Rod run is a very laid back weekend, held in the Victorian town of Port Fairy every January. The weekend begins with a sausage sizzle and catch up on the Friday night, there is a cruise to the town of Koroit on Saturday for lunch, then a dinner dance on Saturday night. Sunday is the all important Show and Shine, which is very popular.

port 6

The weekend is hosted by the South West Rodders, who do a great job. The Campout has been going for over thirty years and is a very family-friendly event, with generations of families attending.

If you’re interested, last week’s blog post shows some of the older caravans and campers at the Campout.

port 4

Star model 1958 Ford Customline.

port 5

Sometimes in Port Fairy, the sky is the colour of the hot rod below. Unfortunately, it wasn’t this year…

port 10

The numbers were a little down on last year, but since floods were predicted, that wasn’t surprising. (For the record, we were very lucky with the weather, the rain missed Port Fairy completely).

port 9

The next generation of hot rodder made an appearance.

port 7

What’s not to like?

port 8


port 3

He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers and Miss S were particularly taken with the car below.

port 11

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