Cooking Classes

My neice, C, is doing cooking classes this year at secondary school. I love hearing what she is cooking and I’m looking forward to her sending me the photos of one of her school projects, which was to bake and decorate cakes with a theme. C chose the sea as her theme and the last time I spoke with her she was brainstorming ideas.

At the beginning of the year, C sent me photos from her text book for cooking classes, The Food Book by Leanne Compton.

Cara's cookbook


Compare The Food Book with Cookery the Australian Way which was used by my sister in law, J, during the 1980’s when she was at school. The photos were probably cutting edge in their day and are very useful (pictures and names of basic meat cuts, anyone?) but do not compare well with the more modern book. Some of the recipes are quite dated too. I am quite sure J never made Stuffed Prunes or Jellied Lamb’s Tongues.

Cookery 3


Funnily enough, I actually use Cookery the Australian Way quite often. All of the recipes I have tried so far have good, basic instructions and easy to find ingredients, although I have to admit, the photos in The Food Book are so much more tempting than those in Cookery Australian Way. I might even cook my way from start to finish of the Cookery the Australian Way (Julie and Julia inspired, of course) once I finish working my way through the Magnificently Simple Marvelous Slice Recipe cook book.

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