Yarrongobilly Caves and Thermal Pool

Yarrangobilly Caves thermal pool 3.05.14

Recently we visited the Yarrongobilly Caves and Thermal Pool in the Kosciuszko National Park in NSW with our niece, S. It was only six degrees Celsius the day we visited, perfect weather to have a swim in the 27 degrees Celsius thermal pool. I didn’t tell S there were frogs in the pool or she probably wouldn’t have hopped in, as she was already uneasy about the slimy moss on the sides of the pool.
We changed into our swimmers and then put our coats and hats and shoes back on to scamper down to the pool, wondering if a swim was such a good idea. However, it is a long way to go and not have the experience, so we all swam.

Yarrangobilly Caves

Driving to the National Park from Tumut, we saw signs for kangaroos and sure enough, not much further along there were hordes of kangaroos. We pulled over to the side of the road on the way up the mountain to watch two kangaroos fighting. This pair of boxing kangaroos were just as serious as grown men having a disagreement outside a pub and just as ridiculously funny. We also saw signs for emus, wombats and brumbies but despite being on the look out, didn’t see any.

shawls Yarrangobilly Caves 3.05.14

We had guided visits to two caves and saw stalagmites and stalagtites (the ‘mites’ go up and the ‘tites’ go down), shawls, flows and formations that had taken millions of years to form. The guides were great, really interesting and informative. You can tell when people really love their work, and the guides at Yarrangobilly fit into that category.

Yarrangobilly Caves

We finished our day with a walk along the river and a visit to the South Glory Cave. The South Glory Cave is a self guided tour.

Yarrangobilly Caves 3.04.14

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