Bendigo Victoria

Bendigo Town Hall 25.04.14

He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers and I visited Bendigo, in central Victoria at the tail end of our holiday between Easter and Anzac Day. We left Swan Hill in the morning, undecided whether to continue travelling along the Murray River to Echuca or to visit Bendigo. The weather nearly determined our route, because Echuca was expecting a sunny 21 degrees Celsius and Bendigo just 14 degrees. We decided while we were driving that accommodation in Echuca on a long weekend might be unavailable and so went to Bendigo.

Gold was discovered in the Bendigo area during the 1850’s and the area boomed, becoming a city with ornate public buildings built on a grand scale. The picture below is the Colonial Bank.

Bendigo Colonial Bank building 25.04.14

The city centre is surrounded by parks and gardens. The picture below is taken from inside the Conservatory, which had a lovely display of something or other. (Can you tell I’m not a gardener?)

Bendigo Glass House gardens 3  25.04.14

The roses in the garden surrounding the Conservatory were beautiful.

Bendigo gardens 2 25.04.14

We climbed the Camp Hill, which is part of the park in the middle of town in order to climb the poppet head lookout tower, which has a spectacular view all over the city to the surrounding suburbs and hills.

Bendigo look out 25.04.14

We visited the Art Gallery which has a really, really good display of important Victorian art. The contemporary art was good, but I particularly enjoyed seeing works from the Heidleberg School, who were a group of Australian artists from the 19th century.

Bendigo Art Gallery 25.04.14

I ate the nicest bread roll I have ever eaten in Bendigo, from a bakery called The Good Loaf Sourdough Bakery and Cafe. He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers had a milkshake and a cake, but he doesn’t know what he was missing. My bread roll was corn and something, and I have never tasted anything so good.

There is a lot more to do in Bendigo, but we ran out of time. I did manage to have a browse through some op shops, antique shops and second hand bookshops, but next time we visit Bendigo we’ll take a trip on the talking tram, visit the Golden Dragon Museum and the Central Deberoh Gold Mine. I’ll also make a return trip to the Art Gallery and get another sourdough bread roll.

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