Narrandera Hot Rod Run Easter 2014

Narrandera Easter 2014

He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers, like a great many Australian men is into cars, hot rods and kustoms in particular. This means that a great many of our family holidays are driving holidays to Hot Rod Runs, which are events put on by hot rod clubs for the enjoyment of the rodding community.

This year He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers, our neice S and I attended the 30th anniversay of the Narrandera Hot Rod Run. This run is held every year at Easter in Narrandera, a small town on the Murrumbidgee River in New South Wales. The run is attended by hot rodders from all over Australia. Some drive their hot rod or kustom to the event, while others trailer their vehicles.

Narrandera is a beautiful town, with wide streets, big verandahs and lovely parks and gardens. Patrick Hartigan, the priest who wrote bush poetry, (‘Said Hanrahan’ and Around the Boree Log), under the nom de plume of John O’Brien lived in Narrandera. There is a huge Royal Doultan fountain in a park in the middle of town and the big playable guitar at the Tourist Information Centre.

The Lake Talbot Caravan Park is the place to stay during the event, with quite a few people bringing tear drop trailers or old caravans. I saw a Carapark, which looks like a big silver horse float, a sweet little red and white caravan which was almost perfectly round, and plenty of retro vans. The Blackhill Ramblers played rockabilly music under the big marquee at the park on Sunday night, while the audience sat around camp fires and enjoyed the music.

The weekend followed a similar pattern to that of other years. There are runs (drives) to other local towns and several show’n’shines (clean your car until it shines, then show it to everyone else). The Sunday show’n’shine was at a gorgeous park in the middle of town where rodders met up with friends, were entertained by the band, shopped at the markets and admired each other’s cars.

The highlight of the weekend was the Saturday night cruise, where entrants cruised up and down Narrandera’s long, wide main street, watched by crowds of townspeople and visiting hot rodders. S loved cruising in the front seat of a mate’s hot rod, especially when other kids asked if they could have a ride.

Terry's car Narranderra Easter 2014

The local community get in on the act too, with the Lions Club selling steak sandwiches and hotdog and various other events associated with the run raising money for charity.

The hot rodding community are a good hearted, family minded bunch of people who love cars. You don’t even have to own a hot rod or kustom to join in the fun.

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