Rollerskating at Rollerway

Rollerskating 13.04.14

He Who Eats All of our Leftovers and I took C, G and S roller skating during the school holidays.

C fell over several times and bounced up again without missing a beat, G had the biggest spill of the day and managed to take out a fellow skater on her way down, laughing as she went, and S fell down and cried when she jarred her wrist. He Who Eats All of Our Leftovers fell over several times which amused all of us and I wobbled a bit but managed to stay upright.

We went to the Rollerway Skating rink in Geelong and it cost $10 per person, plus an additional $3 each for skate hire. The session was for three hour on Sunday afternoon which I thought was very good value. The music was pumping and the girls made several requests (One Direction) and were so excited when their requests were played that you would have thought One Direction were actually in the building.

Rollerskating was the thing for teenagers to do on a Friday night with a disco ball, eighties music and flashing lights when I was a teenager. I always wore my best bubblegum jeans and screamed when the DJ played a Wham song.

Rollerway played all of the games I remembered except the Limbo, where you have to skate under an ever-lower stick. Probably just as well, I’m not as bendy as I used to be.

I’m not sure why we don’t go more often but rollerskating really should be a day to day enjoyment.

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