Club Warrnambool

I recently had afternoon in style at the Warrnambool Club.

The Warrnambool Club was originally a gentlemen’s club, in the city of Warrnambool in south west Victoria, Australia. These days the Club is open to men and women.

Club Warrnambool

The Club is a very popular restaurant and cafe. Afternoon tea at the Club is an institution, and I have heard that the High Tea has to be experienced to be believed. The restaurant itself must be the most elegant venue in Warrnambool. The chairs and tables are big and gracious, there is a piano and a fireplace and cake and I didn’t want to go home. The staff are lovely and everything was luxurious and comfortable.   

At afternoon tea time, the cake display case has around 30 different types of cake to choose from, so good luck if you have trouble making up your mind (although if this is your problem, you can choose a tapas plate, where the staff will randomly choose a selection of three cakes for you).

Whatever cake you choose, you won’t be disappointed and you can always go back for afternoon tea another time to try something else.

Golden Syrup Cake

The Golden Syrup Cake I chose was fantastic. To drink I had an Iced Chocolate, which was probably a bit too indulgent, since I couldn’t finish my cake.

Hummingbird CakeApple Slice

My companions had Hummingbird Cake and Apple Slice and were perfectly happy with their choices too.

Three cakes, a coffee and an iced chocolate came to just under $40.

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