Alex’s Pizza and Wok, Koroit, Victoria Australia

Someone we know has been raving for months about a restaurant in Koroit called Alex’s Pizza and Wok. (For those unfamiliar with Koroit, it is a little town in the middle of a farming community about 10 minutes drive west of Warrnambool, in western Victoria, Australia).

We were in the area, and decided to try the restaurant out for ourselves.

The entrance isn’t promising. You enter through the takeaway pizza shop and wonder if the person who has made the recommendation to you has played a joke on you. They haven’t. The staff behind the counter will direct you through the doorway to the left and tell you to keep walking through the rooms until you find Alex in the bar at the back of the building.

The rooms at the front of Alex’s Pizza and Wok are for those who prefer old fashioned and elegant wallpaper on their walls while they are dining. The rooms at the back are for the rest of us, who prefer wondering why road signs, old artifacts and unusual bits and pieces (for example, Tweety Bird, an orangutan, a tractor seat etc) are attached to various walls and ceilings. There is also an outside eating area.

The person who made the recommendation also told us that we were to visit the amenities while we were there. I’ll let you find out what the decor is for yourself when you visit, but I must have spent 20 minutes examining the walls in the bathroom area.

Our meals were good, and the staff were considerate and generous. There was a range of pizzas, pastas and Thai meals for mains. You probably need to book a table on a Friday or Saturday night, but on a weeknight I imagine you can just rock up. I don’t know how much a plane ticket to Australia will cost you, but make your way out to Koroit and one of these desserts at Alex’s Pizza and Wok at will cost around $8.50. You can’t see in these pictures, but the strawberries are carved into the shape of a rose.

Sticky Date pudding.

Sticky Date Pudding Alex's of Koroit 2014

Banana Fritter.

Banana Fritter Alex's of Koroit 2014

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Brownie Alex's of Koroit 2014

Berry Pavlova

Berry Pavlova Alex's of Koroit 2014

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