Grease the Musical at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne, Australia

I was lucky enough to see a performance of ‘Grease the Musical’ a few days ago at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne, Australia, which was a Christmas present from a very kind and generous relative.

I first saw the movie Grease at a drive in with my parents and siblings in the 1970’s. To my disgust, my brother fell asleep during the movie. Me, my sisters and all of our female friends at primary school for years afterwards sang  ‘You’re the One That I Want’ into our hairbrushes, danced around to ‘Greased Lighting’ on our record players in the lounge room and couldn’t wait to be older so that we could be Pink Ladies and have someone wearing a leather jacket fall in love with our version of Bad Sandy. Even at that age we knew Bad Sandy was going to have more fun than Good Sandy.

The stage show of Grease at Her Majesty’s Theatre was loads of fun. The storyline wasn’t exactly the same as the movie (after reading the show program I learned that the stage show actually came long before the movie). All of the big songs from the movie were sung, but quite a few songs that were only background music in the movie were major features in the stage show, and all were fantastic. Doody and the T Birds singing ‘Those Magic Changes’ was a stand out.

The singing and dancing was energetic and joyful. The stage looked great, the costumes were perfect and the band were an absolute treat to hear.

Rob Mills as Danny was terrific and Gretel Scarlett’s voice is beautiful. Lucy Maunder who played Rizzo was fantastic. Her petulant teenage attitude and strut were spot on. I would have said that she stole the show, except that Todd McKenney, as Teen Angel, stole it from her. Todd McKenney had the audience in the palm of his hand, working our cheers as if he was a conductor conducting an orchestra. I really wish I had seen him in ‘The Boy From Oz’, as he must have put on an incredible show.

The romance between Sandy and Danny wasn’t as strong of a storyline in the show as in the movie, but I won’t be giving anything away if I say there is a happy ending. I left the theatre singing ‘Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee’ and feeling good.

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